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Why Squarespace

But Really, Why Should I Use Squarespace?

There are many reasons I choose to use Squarespace. Everything from sleek, modern design, to the Do-It-Yourself mentality engrained in its DNA, to its award-winning 24/7 customer service. Squarespace truly has an incredible amount to offer and it starts with you.


My biggest reason for using Squarespace is you, the client. Page builds are just a matter of dragging and dropping, you don’t have to be an expert in web development to make basic changes to your site. As a business owner, you want complete control over everything related to your business, including your website. Squarespace makes it easy to update, maintain, and monitor your entire site, all from one place.


Squarespace is transparent about their pricing from the get-go. There are no secrets. They offer 4 plans total. Personal at $16/month and Business at $26/month. There are also 2 plans specifically for online stores. Basic at $30/month and Advanced at $46/month.

What’s also great about Squarespace is that if you don’t already own your domain you can purchase them directly from Squarespace. Domains typically range between $10-$20.

Modern Design

The templates that Squarespace offers are sleek and thoughtfully designed. They are clean and every single one can be customized to fit your unique needs. If your worried about having a cookie-cutter website, Squarespace gives you the option to add custom code to ensure a site that is exclusive to you.

Compatible Across All Platforms

It’s important these days that your website works on all platforms, especially on mobile devices. Luckily, every single Squarespace template is mobile-responsive. So your website will look awesome on ANY device. Also, every site is SEO optimized for a continuous growth and analysis of your site. All from Squarespace.


No Updates Necessary

What’s so great about Squarespace is you never have to download or update anything! Everything is self-contained within the Squarespace site. So there is no need to update plugins, widgets or software.


Award Winning Support

Squarespace offers 24/7 customer support with you in mind. It gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is available when you need them.